The 6 pilates principles are warmly housed in our studio.

I learn how to deepen and prolong my breath. Ι learn how to share my inhalation and exhalation equally. I learn how to move/work while inhaling, exhaling, even during pause/suspension! In his book “Return to Life through Contrology” Pilates wrote “…but above all, learn how to breath correctly”.

I learn how to spot/find my center and feel it as such. I learn how to save energy and channel it into wherever I choose e.g my extremities, according to my will. I learn how to become more functional in my daily activities, because I save instead of waste my energy.

I learn how to be present/mindful, to “listen” carefully and “read” my body and thus my deeper needs anytime, as they differ through time.

I learn how to “regulate and control” my muscles and not to be “controlled” by them. That means I learn how to be in charge of my body. In this way I raise the confidence in my body and subsequently my self-esteem is raised.

I learn how to move with flow, namely I learn to move with grace.

I learn the significance of detail in training/movement and so, my body and spirit reaps the benefits of it.

In addition i benefit the most as i learn
# the Principle of Isolation
# the 2 way stretching or 2 dimensional stretching
# the Principle of Internal Resistance
# Save and not waste energy
# Never sacrifice the trunk for the extremities.

(By no means, is pilates substitute for your doctor, physiotherapist, chiropractor etc in case of pain due to pathological reasons.)